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Wet Look, 15 ml

gross price: 17,00 EUR

Looking for a reliable way to protect the colour? Here it is! Shining gel Indigo Wet Look is a safe bet! Thanks to special Uv factors it protects the colour from fading and keeps the light shades in pristine colours for a long time! Moreover, it adds an extreme shine which will create an amazing look. Do you want a more spectacular effect? Wipe the dispersive layer ten seconds after the curing!

Benefits of Indigo Wet Look:

  • UV filter - doesn't change the colour,
  • extreme shine - guaranteed WOW effect!
  • easy to use - soft brush will make a painting in the cuticle area very easy,
  • universal - for gel, acrylic and gel polish nails,
  • hard - will protect any nail design.

Curing time:

  • Dual LED - 30-60 seconds
  • UV Lamp - 2 minutes

Capacity:15 ml
EAN: 5902188520934; Index: KAT02183
Products Indigo Nails are intended only for professional use by certified Nail Stylist. To use products correctly, it is necessary to complete the training.

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