Gel polish on short nails? Why not!

Not all your customers can wear extra-long nails. Why? It's not the best solution for customers who often do manual work, and extended nails would be problematic. Most often for short nail styles are more suited to sports enthusiasts and young mums, as well as women who due to their profession can't wear long nails. This article will tell you about what makes such a "short hybrid" stand out.

Short means what?

The length of the nail is something we spot at first glance. But what does "gel polish on short nails" phrase hide? Is it only about short shapes? Not necessarily. Short nails can be defined as those that do not go beyond the free edge of the pad with the length of the free edge. Having a definition, we can skip to nail art.

Nail art for the cheeky ones

Nail art on short nails? Why not. There is nothing to hide - some ornaments look even better on short nails. Just look at the latest trends. At some point, extensively long and square-shaped nails were trendy.  These days, however, the same shape reigns primarily on short nails, and on long ones is just passé.

What we strongly say NO to is ombre - especially a horizontal one. Customer insists? Offer vertical ombre instead of a horizontal one as usual. This way, you will get an effect nicely adapted to short nails, which will optically lengthen them. Your customer will leave the nail salon happy, with a beautiful ombre adorning her hands.

What about lavish nail art? Crystals, caviar and dots? Short nails don't present well in stylings overloaded with an excessive amount of decorations. The small surface means that you should be careful with the amount of ornaments. It's easy to overdo it and make elegant styling too dappled. Geometric decorations or vertical lines that visually lengthen the nail will work great.

Fierce and intense

What gel polish colour looks best on short nails? First of all, intense reds and blacks, as well as darker shades, look good. Intense colour gives short nails a wild character. At the same time, they are keeping their elegant style. Nude shades will also work well. These delicate colours will make the whole styling very discreet, which is useful in some professions.

The short gel polish nails are most often chosen by customers looking for a styling that will suit a businesswoman or just a fan of a simple manicure. Minimalism, manifested in a delicate geometric pattern, a narrow strip or an elegant dot, fits perfectly with short nails.