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Rainbow ombre - step by step [VLOG]


It is nothing new that trends are coming back like boomerang but some of them are never out of fashion. For example, the ombre effect in nails stylizations. It is constantly enchanting and will look great as an independent stylization as well as a base for unique decorations. With a wide range of colors and embellishments, we can create a truly unique, fabulous ombre manicure that complies with current trends.

The possibilities of combining colors and ways for color transitions are infinite. Vertically or horizontally? Two-color classic way or multi-colored variations? Only your imagination can be a limit.

How to do that? Ombre effect can be made with almost every colored product. You can use Arte Brillante gels without dispersion or Nail Art gels. However, Indigo has introduced new products to the collection, which will make creating ombre effect so simple. New amazing Indigo mousses that combine attributes of Arte Brillante and Nail Art gels. UV Mousse Indigo Gel thanks to its intense pigmentation and easy-to-use consistency, allow you to create perfect tonal transitions. To make such a manicure, we recommend using a brush or songe for Indigo special tasks. Sponge perfectly distributes the pigment without bubbles and its great advantage is that it does not absorb the product. You will see that creating the ombre effect with the Mousse Gel is just a pleasure!


Are you wondering what products you should use to create a perfect ombre? No worries, below you will find everything you need to know. We share our recommendations, insights and also present a list of Indigo products, which you can use to make the ideal ombre stylization. 

The basis of any stylization is the appropriate preparation of the nail plate. Dulling, cutting cuticles and giving the right shape are the first three steps that should be always remembered. You should also prepare yourself and all the necessary products, which you will use for styling. What will you need? You have to decide.

Nail Polish

We put a base on a pre-prepared nail, a vinyl or diamond base for example. After applying the base, we proceed to apply the color. To achieve the ombre effect, apply the color on the entire nail plat. When the first layer is already dry, proceed to stamp the second color with a sponge. After the last layer of color has dried, protect the entire styling with top, for example: Ceramic Top or professional Finish Top Coat, which creates a protective armor and protects your manicure for many days.

UV Mousse Gel

Once the nails are ready, degrease the nail plate and apply the primer, Acid Free Primer for example. After waiting about 40-60 seconds, apply the base, in this case it can be Protein Base. Ombre effect can be made directly on the base  o rany chosen Gel Polish color. Apply Mousse Gel on the nail and shade using a sponge. Each layer should be hardened in the lamp. To get a bold ombre effect, you will need two or even three layers – it all depends on the intensity of the selected colors. After achieving the desired effect, the whole styling should be secured with the Wet Look Top and washed with the irreplaceable Super Shine Cleaner. Due to the easy application and a huge selection of colors, this method is one of our undisputed favorites!

Paint Gel & Sugar Effect

The Indigo collection also includes: Paint Gel in black and Sugar Effect in white. Both have a honey consistency, so these gels do not spill, which facilitates making even the most demanding stylization. Both gels leave a very strong dispersion layer. Paint Gel facilitates getting jewelery decorations using a transfer foil, while Sugar Effect allows you to achieve the effect of powder styling, works in combination with colorful acrylics, as well as in creating French manicure or the popular Baby Boomer. We can apply gels on a pre-prepared and color-covered nail plate with a sponge or a gel brush. 

Arte Brillante Gels

Arte Brillante is a collection of 20 shades of gels and it is perfect for making ombre stylization. These gels do not leave the dispersion layer, which simplifies the whole work and shortens its time to a minimum. We can easily create a tonal transition using a sponge, because of very strong pigmentation of these gels. The unique colors (bold neons, extremely sweet but also classic and toned) will allow you to create very original stylization in the blink of an eye!

Nail Art Gels

Nail Art Indigo gels are products with very high level of coverage and they also leave the dispersion layer. Nail Art gels facilitate making any ornaments – structural, convex, precise ones, as well as shading, which is why they will be perfect for ombre effect. These products also have a pleasant, medium-thick consistency, which is why they are so easy to apply and you don’t have to worry that this product will start to run off.

Smoke Powder

Smoke Powder powders, which are available in 11 ultra-intensive colors, will be perfect for creating ombre effect. Using these powders, we will get a delightful, smoke effect without problems and the ability to mix colors is extremely tempting! This method is one of the easiest and fastest to do. For applying these powders you need a clean flat brush, One Stoke II or III for example. It is enough to pat chosen colors of the powder in the gel dispersion layer one by one and then gently blend it. As the foundation for such decorations we can use Sugar Effect gel or Gel Polishes. After achieving the desired effect, remove the excess product and cover the styling with Gloss 3D Removable top. This method is fast and keeps skin clean. 


Want to see how to perform ombre effect step by step? In the following video, Ania Leśniewska – instructor of Indigo Nails – will present the perfect ombre made with acrylic powders and the instruction of the Snake Skin decoration, also in the ombre version.

  1. Start by choosing the colours of your ombre using a nail polish you prefer, e.g. Maybe Baby,

and the selected Arte Brillante, e.g. Luna Park Arte Brillante

  1. Prepare a standard design with the application of one layer of colour, e.g. Maybe Baby (remember about cuticles, shape, base application, curing, etc.).
  2. Cure in a LED lamp for 30–60 seconds.
  3. Apply a thin layer of nail polish, e.g. Maybe Baby, from the top to 3/4 of the length of the nail, and apply a small amount of Arte Brillante, e.g. Luna Park, on the remaining 1/4 of the nail.
  4. Press a sponge to the nail – make quick movements to the right, to the left and to the bottom of the nail to blur the border and smooth the transition between colours.
  5. Cure the nail design in the LED lamp for 30–60 seconds.
  6. Repeat steps 5 and 6 at least 2–3 times.
  7. Sponge the surface of the nail again, but this time without applying more layers of the product; the sponge needs to be soaked with the colours used before in order to refine the Ombre effect.
  8. Cure the nail design in the LED lamp for 30–60 seconds.
  9. Cover the whole design with a selected top e.g. Tip Top Top Coat

Watch now!


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