Easter Nails – the most beautiful Easter inspirations

Are you looking for inspiration for original Easter nail art designs? When your salon is still under a lockdown, you finally have time to prepare your nails for the Easter break? Get inspired by the ideas of the Indigo Designers and create your dream Easter styling.

Easter Nails - spread the joy with your nails

Easter at home can also be fun. Take advantage of the time off and make some magic. Create an original Easter styling on your nails, for which - due to the holiday break and many customers - you usually had no time. Perfect extension, intricate, floral patterns, or maybe a funny structural design? One thing is for sure, your Easter nails must present optimistic colours and spring joy.

Floral madness - Easter nail art designs

Although spring outside the windows likes to play tricks, it can bloom on your nails for good. Floral designs are one of the timeless Easter hits, their colour modifications are endless, and it’s the reason why they will never go out of fashion. Fine floral print on individual nails, vivid designs with a bright accent, flowers on the background of juicy ombre or delicate French - there are plenty of ways for floral stylings. Each of them will add lightness and feminine charm to your spring look.

Petarda Gel Polish, Super Matte Top Coat, Nail Art Gel White

Can't Speak French Gel Polish, Super Matte Top Coat, Easy Shape Light Rose

Easter Eggs - fancy designs of Easter nails

Do you remember how in your childhood you dyed colourful Easter eggs for the Easter basket? What if we would return to the old tradition, painting ... Easter stylings? Multicolour stripes, dots, waves - let your imagination run wild, create original designs inspired by traditional ornaments. Reaching for the spring shades of the Think Spring collection, you can be sure that your Easter nails will perfectly match the current trends.

Full Swimming Pool Gel Polish, Arriva La Diva Gel Polish, Gelastic Glass Pink

Mineral Base - Wake Up No Make Up, Giorgio Banani Gel Polish, Bamboleo Gel Polish

Catch a bunny ... on your nails - Easter nail design

Even more childish joy? Create an Easter bunny on your nails - preferably in 3D. Use the unique properties of Mousse Gel gels and play with structural designs - after all, time does not limit you now. Mix some colours, combine contrasting ornaments and create your world full of colours and joy on your nails. You can be sure that it will please not only you, but also your loved ones - especially the youngest.

Bingo! Gel Polish, Hipster Gel Polish, White Arte Brillante

El Capitan Gel Polish, Think Spring Gel Polish, Bingo! Gel Polish, Hipster Gel Polish

Take advantage of your time off and create unique Easter nails as part of the #trenujewdomuzIndigo campaign. You will find even more inspiration on our YouTube channel and social media profiles: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.