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Mousse Gel

33,80 PLN / 4 ml 2+2

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Mousse Gel is a unique Indigo product created by combining Nail Art and Arte Brillante gels. It has a strong pigmentation, consistency of a thick mousse and a glossy finish. It won’t create a dispersive layer. It is easy to apply giving you more time to perfect the ornament.

UV Mousse Gel is an amazing product with a nice consistency of a thick mousse which makes the application easier and allows you create intricate designs. It will be perfect for any ornaments - structural, raised, ombre, shading, micro painting and other precise patterns. The amazing pigmentation provides perfect coverage with just one, thin coat and with a broad colour spectrum you'll be able to pick the right shade. Colours blend well with each other which provides unlimited possibilities for creating new hues and tones. After curing, the mousse doesn't leave a dispersive layer and there is no need for wiping. The glossy finish on the products eliminates the need for a topcoat!