Builder Gel Light Rose from the Easy Shape collection

Light Rose building gel is made for those who would like to have a product in 80% opacity.  It's on the thicker side but not as thick as Easy Shape Cover.

Gel nails aren't the easiest thing to make. To develop the desired shape you need a product that's soft and moldable under the brush. Light Rose is everything you've ever looked for. You can see on our vlog that it spreads easily and levels itself a little. It has 80% opacity so it's great for nails with imperfections. Its creamy consistency is ideal for creating subtle designs.  
The Easy Shape Builder Gel line is a legendary product which became an instant number 1. among our clients and instructors.

Light Rose Builder Gel will become an indispensable product in your salon to build nails and working with form under colour. We recommend it to lengthening short, long and very ling nails. With Easy Shape Light Rose you will love how fast you can work with it and how durable the nails are.  
If you look for builder gel with a consistency of a jelly – thick yet soft under a brush? The transparent UV gel with a peach-pinkish hue is presented on our vlog → Easy Shape Rosy Builder Gel.