Nail Forms


Mini Forms – 500 pcs

65 PLN

Mini Forms – 200 pcs

35 PLN

Extreme Forms 200pcs

39 PLN

Transparent Nail Forms – 500 pcs

65 PLN

Nail Forms – 500 pcs

55 PLN

Nail Forms – 200 pcs

29 PLN

Indigo forms are an absolute must in the work of any nail stylist! Why?

These forms for nail enhancing will help in creating the perfect gel, acrylic or soak-off nails. It's hard not to mention that they are absolutely perfect for gel polish French and gel polish manicure which looks great on elongated nails.

Why should you choose Indigo forms?

Indigo forms are unique for their stability and at the same time how easy they are to mould. Thanks to a strong adhesive you can create a perfect tunnel as long as you need. The nail forms are a must-have product in any professional nail salon!