All Shades of Me Collection


  • Sparkling Wine Gel Polish
    7 ML
  • Burak Gel Polish
    7 ML

All Shades Of Me collection – an idea for autumn nail design

The All Shades Of Me collection consists of unique colours of gel polishes that will emphasize your personality. With them you will create trendy autumn nail designs. We have prepared 10 basic colours and complemented the All Shades Of Me collection with two limited edition gel polishes. In this collection, we turned to classic colours, which do not mean conservatism and boredom at all. Autumn manicure is often associated with the “back to office” reality. See for yourself that even if you have a strict dress code on a daily basis, your autumn nail design does not have to be devoid of elegance.

Autumn nail design - timeless classic is what we want!

Get to know all the shades of the All Shades Of Me collection and see which gel polishes will make your nail design exceptional and eye-catching. The ten basic colours are:

  • Burak 
  • Sparkling Wine
  • Kate Boss
  • Pan Gogh
  • B* Face
  • Mon Cinnamon
  • Toffee Coffee
  • Cashmirella
  • Monday Jetlag
  • Darkfluencer

The collection also includes limited edition Monsieur Mood and Frankie Sinatra. Match your autumn nails to your mood and make them trendy, because you can be sure that with timeless, deep reds, elegant browns and classic nudes you will always impress others with your sense of style!

Autumn nail design - All Shades Of Me inspirations

For many women, autumn means returning to their roots. Trench coats, leather ankle boots, soft cashmere sweaters and wrapping scarves constitute the basis of the autumn look which has not gone out of fashion for many years. So why not transfer classics to the autumn manicure, as well? The All Shades Of Me collection is a collection of colours that will help you emphasize your personality and your own style. Autumn red nails will be appreciated by lovers of sensual accents. Classic shades harmonize with autumn scenery and outfits. Be trendy, casual and prepared for any challenge that awaits you in the autumn season with the All Shades Of Me collection.