Nail salon perfumes


Salon Perfume - Seventh Heaven

60 PLN 240 ml

Salon Perfume - Raspberry Love

60 PLN 240 ml

Salon Perfume - Arome 99

60 PLN 240 ml

Salon perfumes

You do care that your salon is a warm and cosy place, don't you?  Indigo room perfumes will help you create a unique, friendly atmosphere for your clients. Favourite scents have relaxing properties, create a good mood and make us have good associations with the place!

Check out amazing Indigo salon perfumes! You can choose from three amazing scents - magical and feminine Seventh Heaven, sweet and charming Raspberry Love and intriguing and refreshing Arome 99. Which salon perfumes will capture your and your client's hearts? Try them out today!

Salon perfumes will keep your salon smell like the most popular Indigo scents for a long time. 

Pick your favourite Indigo salon perfume and change your salon today!