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Are you looking for elegant equipment for your beauty parlour? Reach for our Indigo Silicone Pad with an embossed logo! Use it as a universal background for photos or put it under a glass support to protect the desk top from getting dirty.


  • The pad is RESISTANT to the following substances: ethanol, methanol, nitrogen, ethylenediamine, isobutanol, boric acid, lactic acid (cold), acetic acid 30%, vinegar, coconut oil, Cleaner, Cleaner Shea, Cleaner Wipe Off, Remover, TYT Monomer, Nail Liquid, Remover.
  • The pad is NOT RESISTANT to the following substances: acetone, ammonia, chlorine, cyclohexane, ethylbenzene, isooctane, nitric acid, sulfuric acid, methane, nitrobenzene, rapeseed oil, solvents, styrene, toluene, bromine water.

Information on material resistance is indicative only; for a temperature of 20°C. Before exposing the pad to a given substance, we recommend testing it. 

Storage: Pads should be stored horizontally to prevent deformation. In addition, they should not be crushed by heavy objects which may also deform the material.

  • Indigo Silicone Pad will enrich the equipment of your beauty parlour.
  • It is extremely easy to keep clean.
  • It can be used as an elegant background for photos.
  • It will also work as a pad to protect the desk against getting dirty.