Pop Sticks Nail Display Ring Fan – black 1PCS

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If you are looking for an effective way of presenting colours, you should undoubtedly be interested in this handy gadget. The Indigo black nail tips colour chart will help you present your customers with all the shades that you have in your salon.

Thanks to the ring, you can easily add tips and decide whether a given colour is the ONE.



- stick: 12 cm long

- tips: 2.5 cm long


Application tips
  • The colour chart with tips on a circle in black contains 50 sticks, which will make it easier for you to present the favourite shades of gel polishes from the Indigo range.
  • You can also easily place coloured gels, acrylics or eye-catching designs.
  • The convenient circle makes it almost impossible to loose tips. At the same time, it facilitates the storage of the whole and allows you to show your customer the full spectrum of services offered in your salon.
  • The nail tips colour chart is also a great accessory for training and developing your skills.
  • When painting the masterbatch, DO NOT wipe the colour on with Cleaner. The product may react with the plastic.
  • When painting your nails use a dispersion free top coat like Indigo Shine On! or Tip Top hybrid top.