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    Colour chart display

    The colour chart displays is an easy and attractive way to show the colour palette of your classic and gel polishes, without opening the bottles every time. Painted colour charts are a treasure trove of information and inspiration for your clients so they can easily find the perfect shade. Indigo colour charts come in a transparent or milky shade. Special editions dedicated to specific collections are also available.

    Colour chart displays create a professional image of your nail salon and display the collection of nail polishes for your clients to admire.

    Check out the available colour chart displays by Indigo

    Colour chart displays have a number of other applications - they help you to practice your skills in nail art. With their help, you can display your creations and create a "portfolio" for your clients to see.

    Colour charts help you keep order and make sure that all your masterpieces are in one place and the full spectrum of your skills are visible to your clients. Having such colour charts on hand makes working with the most indecisive client by showing her every colour and available ornament.