Viva Italia- Sparkle Gel Colour


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8 ml
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Viva Italia Sparkle Gel is a medium thick gel which you can use both to make decorations and to apply on the whole nail surface. Viva Italia Sparkle Gel is a dark purple gel colour with pink and light purple particles.



Type and power of the lamp

Curing time



Product attributes
Application tips
  • Very good pigmentation,
  • Excellent coverage,
  • Ideal for decorations.


  • Perform gel, acrylic gel (using Gelastic) or acrylic nail styling
  • Apply Sparkle Gel evenly on nails in the colour of your choice. Cure in a multilevel lamp for 30 seconds.
  • Apply your chosen top coat, e.g. Tip Top or Wet Look. Cure in a Multiled for 30 seconds.
  • Wait approximately 1 minute before applying maintenance products.


  • Apply gel, acrylic gel, acrylic styling or build up nails with Protein Base
  • Apply your chosen Top Coat, e.g. Tip Top or Wet Look (if it has a dispersion, wait approx. 1 minute after removing your hand from the lamp and remove it with the Wipe Off cleanser)
  • Apply the decoration with the chosen Sparkle Gel colour. Cure in a multilamp for 30 seconds.
  • When using nail effects, wait 30 seconds.
  • Cover the surface with a top coat, e.g. Tip Top, Wet Look, making sure to protect the free edge area thoroughly and cure for 30 seconds in the Multiled Light.