Stamping nail polish black

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Enjoy the perfect application of black Indigo stamping polish. With perfect consistency and excellent pigmentation just one layer of the product will allow you to create stunning patterns. Take full advantage of the nail art possibilities of stamping and quickly create decorations that your clients have always dreamt of.

Product attributes
Application tips
Application for any type of nail plate
Purpose making stamped patterns
Consistency rare
Coverage the transferred pattern is clear after just one layer
  • ntense shade of black
  • perfect, strong coverage
  • Quick-drying formula
  1. Prepare the nail surface for stamping:


    Cover the surface with a matte top coat or buff it with a 280 grit buffer and clean it thoroughly with a cotton pad soaked in Cleaner 1.



    After filing, cover the surface with a matte top coat or buff it with a 280 grit buffer and clean thoroughly with a cotton pad soaked in Cleaner 1.



    Wait until the colour layer is completely dry.

  2. Choose a pattern from the template plate and cover it generously with the stamping varnish. You don’t have to cover the whole design with polish - it’s enough to cover half.
  3. Reach for a scraper and with a quick, decisive movement, scrape off the excess varnish from the plate. Pay attention to which side of the scraper you are working with.  Always use the slanted side to drag the product across.
  4. Remember, speed matters in the stamping process! You can't wait for the varnish to dry on the plate.
  5. Press the stamper to the polish covered plate immediately and transfer the design onto the nail plate at a 45-degree angle - not perpendicularly. The pressure of the stamp on the plate should be gentle, in a semi-circular motion. Do not press the stamp with force, because the pattern will not transfer!
  6. When the pattern dries, protect it with a selected top and cure it in the lamp (gel polish and gel manicure) or cover it with a top coat (classic manicure).

ATTENTION! Never wipe the stamper or scrapper with Cleaner 1! It can permanently damage the surface of the tools and have an adverse effect on stamping quality. Sticky tape, a nail extension stencil or a lint roller will work best to clean off the stamper. As a last resort, you can gently clean the surface with the Wipe Off cleaner.

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