Smokin' Gun Protein Nail Polish

10 ml
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Smokin 'Gun Protein Nail Polish is an absolute must-have for every red and burgundy lover. It will allow you to conjure a phenomenal, classic manicure, perfect for both an elegant dinner and a crazy evening night out in the city, and in summer it will be perfect for your toenails, creating a universal and durable pedicure.

Product attributes
Application tips
Consistency creamy
Coverage Complete after 2 coats
  • Contains hydrolyzed jojoba proteins,
  • The unique pigmentation of the nail polish guarantees excellent coverage,
  • Thanks to optimal flexibility, it does not chip and provides a durable manicure,
  • Has a beautiful, shiny finish,
  • Thanks to its creamy consistency, it spreads perfectly,
  • Works well with the natural nail plate.
  1. Before applying the nail polish, cover the cleaned and dehydrated nail plate with the polish base to extend the durability of the manicure and not to stain the nail with a coloured pigment (you can use the universal Base & Top 2 in 1 product). Leave it to dry.
  2. Apply the first, thin layer of nail polish and wait again.
  3. While applying the second layer, gently press the brush only as you pull under the cuticles. On the rest of the nail surface, significantly reduce its pressure.
  4. When the second layer of nail polish is dry, apply a finishing top coat to the nail plate. Leave to dry and ... ready!