Paint Black Gel

8 ML
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Paint Black Gel is a highly pigmented black gel with excellent coverage and honey-like consistency. Used for precise decorations, reflecting foils, as a base for polishes.


*To Paint Black for free: Super Gold - transfer foil, Super Silver - transfer foil


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Curing time



Product attributes
Application tips
Application gel, acrylic and over-building styles, e.g. Protein Base, ornaments, precise decoration
Soluble in remover? no
Dispersion layer current
Benefity Mocna pigmentacja,
Konsystencja pozwalająca na precyzyjną pracę,
Posiada warstwę dyspersyjną, na której z powodzeniem odbijesz folię czy też wetrzesz pyłek.
  • Strong pigmentation,
  • The consistency allows for precise work,
  • It has a dispersion layer, on which you can successfully reflect the film or rub powder.
  • Do gel or acrylic styling or build up nails with Protein Base.
  • Before applying Paint Black Gel it is necessary to matt the surface with a 100/180 buffer.
  • After dusting off you can apply the decoration with Paint Black Gel, using for example the Indigo Master Nail Art brush 006.
  • Cure in a MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
  • The product has a dispersion layer, so you can additionally reflect the foil or rub the pollen into the nail.
  • Secure the style with a shine top coat, e.g. Wet Look, making sure to protect the free edge area. Cure in a MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
  • Wait about 1 minute before applying your hair care products.
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