Nail Glue

7,5 ml
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Glue for sticking tips, rhinestones and decorations. It's very durable, thanks to which the applied decorations will stick until the customer's next visit.

Product attributes
Application tips
Application fitting of nails, zircons and decorations
  • Very durable,
  • The bottle neck allows the excess product to drain off,
  • Convenient brush facilitates application.


  1. Apply the glue to the inner surface of the tips and stick to the free edge of the prepared natural plate.
  2. Press evenly for about 20 seconds and let go.



Apply rhinestones or another ornament to a small drop of glue.

Pro Tip: If you use too much glue, a white residue may appear on the surface of the decoration. In this case, wait for the glue to dry completely and wash your hands thoroughly.