Makeup Brush - Pocket Slim 1PCS

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Pocket Slim is a pocket-sized, travel-sized face brush. Its dense, flexible and gently rounded bristles allow you to precisely sweep your chosen products over your complexion. It is perfect for loose and pressed powders. It allows cosmetics to be thoroughly blended together to create a clean make-up effect without streaks or spots.

Hedonista make-up brushes have synthetic bristles that behave almost like natural bristles. The brushes are distinguished by their flexible and soft formulation, so that they adapt to the complexion while working, and allow precise application of cosmetics (loose, cream or liquid) without excessive absorption.

Bristle length: 30 mm

Total length of brush: 88.5 mm

Application tips
  • pocket size
  • soft and flexible bristles
  • ergonomic shape
  • facilitates precise application of cosmetics of different consistencies
  • slightly rounded shape

The Hedonista Pocket Slim brush is recommended for working with facial make-up finishing cosmetics.