Makeup Brush - Body Highlighter 1PCS

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The Body Highlighter is a brush for the body. It has a much larger format than the standard Hedonista brushes designed for eyelid or face make-up. Its dense bristles and rounded tip will allow for precise application of cosmetics on the neck, shoulders or collarbone line.

Hedonista make-up brushes have synthetic bristles that behave almost like natural bristles. The brushes are distinguished by their flexible and soft formula, so that they adapt to the complexion while working, and allow precise application of cosmetics (loose, cream or liquid) without excessive absorption.

Bristle length: 53 mm

Overall brush length: 44 mm

Application tips
  • dense, rounded and resilient bristles
  • flexible adaptation to the skin
  • facilitates precise application of larger amounts of selected cosmetics

The Body Highlighter make-up brush is recommended for spreading highlighter and other products over larger areas of skin.