Like a Princess Protein Nail Polish

10 ml
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Pink is a perfect colour not only for a princess who wants to spice up her manicure with a pinch of sweetness. Reach for Like a Princess protein polish and turn your conservative design into a girlish explosion of positive energy!

Colour: pink

Shade: sweet pink

Product attributes
Application tips
Consistency creamy
Coverage Complete after 2 coats
  • Protein polish contains hydrolysed jojoba proteins.
  • The product is highly pigmented, thanks to which it provides full coverage after applying two layers.
  • The formula with optimal elasticity minimizes the risk of chipping and increases manicure durability.
  • It is characterized by a beautiful, glossy finish after being secured with a top coat.
  • The creamy consistency of the protein polish makes it easy to spread over the nail.
  • It works well with natural nail plate.
  • Gently mattify the nails with a 220/280 gradation buffer.
  • Before applying the protein polish, thoroughly cleanse the nail plate with Cleaner no. 1.
  • Then apply a base coat to the nails (e.g. universal Base & Top Coat) to extend manicure durability.
  • Leave to dry for approx. 2 minutes.
  • Apply the first thin layer of the protein polish and wait.
  • Apply the second layer gently working with a brush - excessive pressure will cause unevenness.
  • Wait until the second layer dries. Apply a glossy top coat.
  • Apply a drop of Dry Up Nail Polish Drops on each nail to accelerate drying of the design!