Lady Magenta Transfer Foil 1PCS

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Lady Magenta tempts with a dark purple glow. Enrich your designs with this shining decoration and show that a bit of extravagance does not rule out chic. Use the transfer foil the way you like it - apply it locally, on the entire nail or use it to create precise decorations.

Product attributes
Application tips
Application gel polish styles, gel styles, acrylic Styles
Application for product with a inhibitory layer or using Foil Glue or Pain
  • The transfer foil allows you to create quick and effective decorations;
  • Its application is extremely simple;
  • It gives you a chance to create unique decorations;
  • It will enrich any design and add shine to it.
  • Create any gel, hard gel, acrylic-gel or acrylic design.
  • Cure the layer of the selected polish in a MultiLed lamp for 30 seconds.
  • Delicately apply the foil on the colour.
  • Apply one of the Indigo top coats on the nail, e.g. Wet Look, Tip Top and remember to precisely secure the free edge of the nail.
  • Cure the top coat for 30 seconds in a MultiLed lamp. Wait about 1 minute before using any care products.