Indigo Stamping Plate 05 1PCS

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Discover a world of unlimited possibilities in nail decoration with this unique stamping tin. Each pattern has been designed with attention to detail and with the idea of adding a subtle touch to any style.


The first area of the tin contains a series of delicate, intriguing designs that will set your nails in motion with romantic appeal. In the second part you will find a collection of single designs that will capture your heart with a cupid's arrow.


Let yourself be tempted by the unique aura and create styles inspired by the most beautiful feeling on Earth. 


Dimensions: 60 mm x 120 mm

Product attributes
Application tips
Application for any type of nail plate
Purpose making stamped patterns

Laser-cut tin divided into two zones: half of the tin is occupied by intriguing love-themed designs, of which you can use any part as a design or on a selected part of the nail. The other half is filled with 20 patterns of hearts, inscriptions and other love-themed symbols in different scenes.

Stamping with lacquer:

  • To make a design from the selected stencil from the stamping tin, first prepare the nail surface properly:
    cover the hybrid styling with a matte top coat or matt the surface with a buffer with a gradation of 280 and clean it thoroughly with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner 1.
  • Styling with gel - after filing, it is best to cover with a matte top or matt the surface with a buffer with a gradation of 280 and thoroughly clean it with a cotton swab soaked in Cleaner 1. 
  • classic protein varnish - wait carefully until the color layer is completely dry.

Then the pattern selected on the tin should be generously covered with stamp varnish and with a quick, decisive moment scrape off its excess from the tin with a scraper. Immediately after this step, imprint the design from the tin with a stamp and transfer it to the surface of the nail. After a while, when the pattern dries, you can protect it with the top coat of your choice and cure it in a lamp or cover it with a topcoat.


  • Clean the sheet gently with a cotton swab soaked in Nail Polish Remover. 
  • If you are using gels for stamping then Wipe Off will work great. 
  • If the gels harden on the surface of the tile, we can try to make a poultice of several minutes with a cotton swab soaked in Remover, and then clean the tile again with Wipe Off Cleaner. 
  • We can also soak the tin in warm water and gently use a stick to remove the cured gel from the nooks and crannies. 

Note: scratching the surface too hard with the stick or other tools may cause scratches, which will negatively affect the quality of the reflected designs.