Indigo Nails Bit Carbide 11

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An ideal carbide cutter for removing overbuilt hybrid, gel or acrylic mass. 

The simple shape of the rounded cone reduces working time. The rounded tip increases safety when working around periungual shafts.


The cutter can be subjected to disinfection and sterilization processes.

Product attributes
Material tungsten carbide cutter
Purpose mass removal cutter
Shape Rounded cone
Sharpness level medium sharp
Shank diameter 2,35mm
Length 52mm
Maximum head diameter 6mm
  • The medium sharp surface is safe for the plate however it should be used without pressure
  • Tiny and narrow cutter used to work out hard to reach areas on the nail plate
  • It will also work well for developing product in the hollow of the periapical shafts, for removing minor blockages around the proximal shaft, and for removing residual material from the nooks and crannies of the lateral shafts.
  • The cutter can be subjected to sterilization and disinfection processes in autoclaves and aqueous solutions.