Indigo Nail Bit Style 1

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Indigo Nail Bit Style 1 is one of the strongest bits. It's covered with an Infinity Life coating, which makes it very sharp and durable. Removing the mass, even acrylic, takes literally a moment. Perfect workmanship minimises tremors and heating of the e-file handle and saves unnecessary discomfort.

The basis for maximum health and safety performance when making traditional and gel polish manicure is taking the professional technical manicure course.

*Individual pieces of nail drill ends may vary in colour - a natural phenomenon that occurs with drill bits.

Product attributes
Purpose to remove the mass
Shape Roller
Sharpness level very sharp
Shank diameter 2,35mm
Shank length 38mm
Head length 13mm
Length 51mm
Maximum head diameter 11,5mm
  • Perfect for fast product removal,
  • Sharp and durable,
  • The bit can be sterilised and disinfected in an autoclave and in water solutions.