Indigo Chart with Removable Tips 1pcs

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Stylish and functional Indigo stencil with interchangeable tips. The pure, glossy white with gold logo is a striking backdrop for the new colours.
The Indigo stencil allows you to showcase the latest shades without painting the whole set from scratch.  
You can update the swatch book to suit your clients' tastes and expectations; the latest trends, the upcoming season, etc.

Nobody knows your clients better than you.
The Indigo nail art stencil is a convenient gadget which saves a lot of time.
One template contains 30 nail tips. Additional tips can be purchased separately in any quantity.

Application tips

When painting the masterbatch, DO NOT wipe the colour with Cleaner. The product may react with the plastic. When painting the nails we use Indigo Shine On! - shine gel, which does not leave dispersion layer.