Gel nail polish

Our products are the answer to every woman who has come to love a long-lasting hybrid manicure. Choose hybrid polishes that will change your work for the better - they guarantee long-lasting results. With our range of hybrid polishes, your manicure will impress with the depth and durability of the colours. Exceptional colour intensity, ideal for the most demanding. With our hybrid polishes you can forget about chipping and tarnishing. Join the group of satisfied customers who have already trusted Indigo hybrid lacquers. Discover our bestsellers and find your favourite colour.

Gel nail polish


  • Terminator Gel Polish
    7 ML

Indigo Nails gel polishes are characterized by great durability and strong pigmentation. These professional hybrid polishes stay on the nail plate much longer than the traditional version. Nails made with Indigo products look beautiful for many weeks!


  •  What is a hybrid polish? 

    A hybrid polish is a light-cured product which makes it possible to only do manicure every 2–3 weeks, in contrast to traditional products. Hybrid nails do not have to be removed and redone so often. This product is for professionals.
  •  How should a hybrid polish be stored? 

    A hybrid polish should always be stored in room temperature, in a dry, shaded place.
  •  How should a hybrid polish be removed? 

    Indigo hybrid polishes completely dissolve in Remover – a delicate liquid for removing hybrid polishes, so we do not damage the natural plate and do not have to file the product off.
  •  Which hybrid polishes do not cause allergic reactions? 

    We select the ingredients of all Indigo hybrid polishes with great care for complete safety, we make every effort to make these products worthy of positive evaluations, and we apply and receive safety certificates for them. Still, very sensitive people and people who have symptoms of not fully treated allergy to the ingredients of hybrid polishes of other brands may experience skin irritation or a cross-reaction.
  •  Why does the hybrid polish wrinkle? 

    If the nail surface is uneven or wrinkled after the hand has been taken out of the lamp, then:

    • Too thick a layer of the hybrid polish has been put on.
    • The power of the lamp is too small to cure the product properly.
    • The curing time for the hybrid polish was too short or the curing process was interrupted.
    • Because of their very strong pigmentation, the white and black colors should be applied in very thin layers, and the time of curing those layers in the lamp can be prolonged.
    • The hands were not placed correctly in the lamp (thumbs should be cured separately).
  •  Which hybrid polish should be chosen? 

    The indigo hybrid polish! Our hybrid nails dissolve completely in Remover, so there is no need to file off the surface layer. The medium thickness of the product guarantees easy application: the polish does not flow over the cuticles, does not flow, does not go back in the lamp. The color range is fantastic – you will surely find your favorite options.