Gel nails protein sets

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Indigo protein sets

Beautiful, nourished nails that impress with their beauty for weeks? It's possible with Indigo Nails protein kits!

What is a protein treatment?

The protein treatment is for everyone who wants healthy, strong nails and manicured cuticles. It will regenerate and strengthen weakened nails, while it will enhance the natural beauty of the nails and protect them from mechanical damage and harmful external factors. Protein nail care requires two products - a protein base and a protein serum.

Advantages of protein treatment

The main advantages of protein treatment are:

improving the appearance of the plate and restoring its natural colour;
increasing the elasticity of the nails;
reducing the tendency of the plate to crumble and break;
protection against nail splitting;
effective protection against damage;
invaluable help in maintaining healthy, nourished nails and properly moisturised cuticles;
high durability (the effects of a properly applied protein treatment can be seen for up to 4 weeks).

Indigo Protein Set

The Indigo Protein Set consists of 5 pieces of Protein Base Gold Edition 7ml and one Protein Serum Gold Edition 8ml, and the whole thing comes in an unusual packaging that looks like an Indigo lacquer bottle, only in XXL version. 

The Protein Base Gold Edition has exactly the same properties as the standard version, but looks much more chic. Its key properties include:

multi-tasking - it works well as a base for hybrid or gel manicures and can also be used on its own;
nourishing ingredients - it has jojoba-derived proteins in its composition;
ability to build up a perfect C-curve - can cope even with a concave plate;
the ability to lengthen nails - it is possible to lengthen the plate by 5 mm.

The protein serum, on the other hand, containing jojoba proteins and hydrolysed keratin, will make the cuticles look both extremely attractive and extremely natural.

Unleash the beauty of your nails with the Protein Indigo Set!