Foot File 100/180 1PCS

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Take care of your foot care and make them soft and smooth - whatever the season. The 100/180 double-sided heel grater removes calloused skin and bumps on the sole of your heels. You'll use this elegant, disposable accessory with the Indigo logo for both salon pedicure treatments and in your own bathroom to always enjoy beautiful, well-groomed feet.


Length - 23.3 cm ; Width - 4.9 cm ; Thickness - 4mm (accuracy +/- 2mm)

Abrasive pad - 4.2 x 13 cm (accuracy +/- 1mm)


Material: handle made of wood.

Application tips
  • The 100/180 heel grater is a disposable accessory that will work well as part of a professional nail salon's equipment.
  • The ergonomic shape of the grater facilitates precise smoothing of the heels.
  • The wooden handle lies firmly in the hand.
  • The double gradation (100 or 180) allows you to get rid of dead skin and then smooth the surface of the heel and midfoot.
  • The grater is lightweight, does not take up much space and also allows you to smooth your feet at home.
  • The Indigo heel grater 100/180 can be used both wet and dry.
  • To remove dead skin, choose the sharper side (100).
  • Smooth your feet with the softer side of the Indigo Heel Scraper (180).
  • Remove the dust created during sawing from the feet and massage in Foot Lover cream.

Additional information:

The saws should be stored at a constant moderate temperature and moderate humidity, protected from getting wet and direct sunlight. Improper storage may reduce their performance and durability and may damage or destroy the product.

Chemical resistance: the Indigo Tarka is not resistant to organic solvents such as acetone.