Flame Holo Rainglow

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Rainy weather does not encourage you to have fun? With Flame Holo Rainglow you will disenchant the aura and create a truly energizing design. Shiny particles full of colour will give you glow. Rub our nail dust into the sticky layer to chase rain clouds away for good!


Product attributes
Application tips
Application nail art
Application for a viscous layer of dark colours
Consistency delicate flakes
  • Flame Holo Rainglow is easy to apply - it is used on a product with a sticky layer.
  • It lets you create a multi-coloured shimmering design.
  • It will add variety to a party manicure.
  • Create any gel polish, hard gel or acrylic design.
  • After curing the second layer of colour in MultiLed lamp (30 seconds), wait for another 30 seconds and rub Flame Holo Rainglow into the sticky layer.
  • Flakes can also be applied on a selected part of the nail to create an effect similar to foil imprint.
  • Remove excess flakes using a soft brush.
  • Apply selected gel polish top (preferably Wet Look or Tip Top).
  • Cure the top for 30 seconds in MultiLed lamp. Remember to wait for about 1 minute after the hands are removed from the lamp before applying care products.
  • If a top with a sticky layer was used, wipe each nail with a dust-free cotton swab soaked in Shea Super Shine Effect Cleaner.

Flakes will look perfect on a dark base, e.g. with Mr. Black. It is worth securing Flame Holo Rainglow with two thin layers of Wet Look Top.