Flame Effect Frostina

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An ice nail effect? With Flame Effect Frostina you'll create a striking look. The fine flake-shaped pollen can be used to create a fantasy French style, applied individually or cover the entire nail surface to create an iridescent taffy.

The effect allows you to get one-of-a-kind, shiny decorations on the nails, which resemble transfer film.

Color: transparent
Shade: gold-blue

Product attributes
Application tips
Application delicate decorations, fantasy french, nail art, gel polish styles, gel styles, acrylic Styles
Application for top without sticky layer and on products with inhibitory (sticky) layer
Consistency loose product
  • delicate flakes, great for addition to hybrid, gel and acrylic-gel nail designs
  • are suitable for application both on the sticky layer of the product, such as Gel Polish, and on products that do not have an inhibition layer, such as Tip Top Top Coat Indigo
  • the flakes can be placed both individually and in larger quantity obtaining an iridescent taffy effect, which on different colors, will present different colors

On Gel Polish:

  • during hybrid styling, apply the pollen (with a probe, tweezers, brush, spatula, applicator or pad) on the last, already cured, layer of color
  • Gently apply with a pad and cover with a hybrid top coat, e.g. Tip Top Top Coat Indigo. Cure in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds

On top of the top without a sticky layer:

  • At the end of any styling (hybrid, gel or acrylic) apply a top without sticky layer, e.g. Tip Top Top Coat or Dry Top, and cure in the Multiled lamp for 30 seconds.
  • then apply the pollen (with a probe, tweezers, brush, spatula, applicator or pad).
  • Gently fix with a fingertip and cover with a hybrid top coat such as Tip Top Top Coat. Cure in a Multiled lamp for 30 seconds



  • Flame Effect look great on dark colors
  • versions: A-laska, Iceland, Lododisco, Arctic, Aspen, Ice Queen, Frostina on white and transparent base give the effect of ice nails.
  • Flame Effect may leave flecks on the brush when applying the top - it is best to allocate a separate top for securing such a design and mark it accordingly. Before inserting the brush for the next portion of the product, remember to wipe it off the particles, using a dust-free swab