Face and body luminizer Hold My Gold

100 ML
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The Hold My Gold highlighter with a quick-drying formula provides a smooth, long-lasting finish to make-up. The facial highlighter helps to slightly correct imperfections and also improves the skin tone. The light consistency does not leave an oily film on the face and the emulsion of the liquid highlighter blends perfectly into the skin. 

You can use the illuminant as a light make-up base or as a traditional make-up product. As a base, it provides a very gentle illuminating effect. When applied directly on a wet base, it provides a more pronounced luminous effect or the latest wet look trend. 

The bottle with its precise applicator makes it easy to distribute the desired product, making use of the illuminant even more efficient. The illuminant is resistant to sweat, moisture and wear, so your luminous make-up will last through even the busiest day.



rose gold/copper

  • quick-drying formula
  • light consistency
  • no greasy film left behind
  • easy application
  • smooth finish of makeup
  • natural brightening effect
  • resistance to moisture, sweat, abrasion
  • even skin tone
  • gentle covering of imperfections
  • possibility of gradation of brightening effect
  • larger bottle format