Cover 3

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Cover 3 is an acrylic powder that, after polymerization, takes on a slightly pink, subtle colour that presents beautifully on the nails. The product is characterized by great coverage, so any defects of the nail plate won't be visible. The small volume of the packaging allows for convenient product testing.

Application tips
  • Plastic, thanks to the fineness of the powder
  • Easy to form and process
  • Adheres well to the nail plate, which makes the styling durable
  • Delicate, light pink colour, close to the natural shade of the nail
  1. Dip the acrylic brush in a properly selected monomer. After draining, dip the front part of the brush in the acrylic powder.
  2. After removing the brush, apply the created bead gently on the nail's surface and clean the brush with a clean, dust-free cotton pad.
  3. Gradually and carefully create the selected shape using the brush, moving the bead over the nail plate, from or tips.
  4. If there's a need, add another bead of the product and shape the perfect surface of the extended nail.
  5. After shaping, allow the material to harden and the surface to become a satin matt finish. Proceed to work on the shape using a file or e-file bits.
  6. After filing, clean the nail from the excess dust and finish with the selected top coat.