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Indigo Cleaner is the strongest product of this type in the offer, necessary for any hybrid, gel and acrylic styling, because its lack may affect the durability and appearance of the styling. Its task is to degrease the natural nail plate and remove dirt and dust from it before applying the primer. Thanks to it, we will avoid air bubbles or weight lifting.

Product attributes
Application tips
Application degreasing the natural nail plate
Purpose for gel, for acrylic, for gel polish
Benefity Idealny do odtłuszczania i usunięcia reszty pyłu z naturalnej płytki, przed zastosowaniem primera i wykonaniem stylizacji hybrydowej, żelowej, akrylożelowej i akrylowej,
Zapobiega powstawaniu zapowietrzeń i liftowania się masy,
Najmocniejszy Cleaner w ofercie Indigo.
  • Perfect for dehydrating and removing residual dust from the natural nail plate, before applying a primer and performing gel polish, gel, acryl-gel and acrylic,
  • Prevents air pockets and lifting,
  • The most powerful Cleaner in the Indigo range.
  1. Use the cleaner on a natural nail, after the nail plate is matted and dusted off. After using it, wait a few seconds for the product to completely evaporate, and then you can apply Primer and other styling products.
  2. Remember not to touch the dehydrated nail.
  3. This product should not be used to remove the dispersion layer of the top coat, as it may cause dulling of the whole design.
Ethyl Acetate, Isopropyl Alcohol, Isobutyl Acetate