Cat Eye 2023 Collection

Cat Eye 2023 Collection


  • Metalinda Gel Polish
    7 ML

Cat Eye Indigo Collection

Indigo's unique Cat Eye collection features up to ten magnetic shades to choose from to create unique looks using the trendiest embellishments and styling techniques. Thanks to the additional flecks, they give a two-dimensional effect, with full coverage after two coats of the product. Each color will work well both in classic styling and on a dark color base. 




Scarlet Bordonson


Funky Fela

Dark Mark



Rock Roxana


Double-sided magnet for Cat Eye


Magnet for cat eye is an accessory that allows you to achieve striking cat eye nails decorations.  With the help of two differently shaped tips, you can achieve diverse decorations and unique styles. 

If you want to achieve an expressive magnetic line, apply the magnet close to the surface and quickly lift it up. Fix the design in the Multiled lamp.


Dimensions: 1,3 cm x 9,5 cm x 1 cm