Brush Indigo Master Nail Art 001 (wooden handle) 1PCS

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Indigo Master Nail Art. 001 is a precise brush for decorations.

Natural bristles, 4 mm long, perfect for precise decorations

Application tips

If you want to create extremely effective decorations on nails such as Jewelery, Sugar Effect, Chanel, POP Art and Nails Iconic, then Nail Art brushes are just for you.


The precisely cut bristles work softly and arrange them perfectly for precise curls and patterns


The brushes are very durable and serve the nail tech for a long time


High quality at a reasonable price - these are Indigo brushes.


Indigo brushes are made by hand, so individual pieces may differ slightly from each other. However, each of them is subjected to a thorough quality control, so you can be sure that you will get a tool that meets all your expectations.

Each of our brushes is covered with a special coating that protects the bristles during transport. Before first use, remove it by gently rubbing the bristles with your fingers until the coating crumbles off completely. Attention! This motion should be done gently, in 

the direction of the bristles, without pressing the brush down at the base - as this could lead to permanent damage. Once you remove the coating reach for a cotton pad soaked in Wippe Off, enclose the brush within it and wipe it (in the direction of the bristles), thus giving it its final shape.

In a manual production process, individual hairs sticking away of the brush head are natural and expected. Before the first use of the brush, the protruding hair should be gently separated from the whole brush head and cut off as close to the base of the tool as possible. In a similar way, you can remove individual hairs damaged during the use of the brush, e.g. due to them being pinched by the cap.



  • When picking up a product, try not to soak the brush base in it. Instead of pressing the shaft to the bottom of the pot, which could deform the bristles, let it "drink". Thanks to this, you will protect the properties of the tool, and have more control over the product during work.
  • To clean the brush after finishing work (or during it, when you want to change the colour), it is best to use a transparent, preferably runny hybrid base or top coat. Put the product on an art palette or a cotton pad and using circular movements dissolve the remains of other product, visible on the brush, in it. Then wipe it with a dry cotton pad - always in the direction of the bristles.
  • Always store the brushes with the cap on. Even thorough cleaning of the bristles does not guarantee complete removal of product residue which can harden under sunlight or salon lighting.
  • Apart from exceptional situations (e.g. heavy soiling), avoid using cleaners and other alcohol products that can dry out the bristles and cause them to frizz. Also, do not use a Brush Cleaner, which is intended for acrylic brushes only.
  • During work, NEVER leave the brush without a cap on in the vicinity of a UV lamp light. Its rays can reach the brush even from the other end of the desk, causing the product to harden on the bristles.
  • What if the product hardens on the brush and sticks to its bristles? There is a way out! Dip the brush in a container with boiling water and wait for the product to dissolve. Attention! The bristles cannot rest against the bottom of the pot, so choose a wide container in which you can lay the brush flat or hold the tool immersed in water until the hot water dissolves the hardened product.
  • If you want to make decorations with both light-curing products and acrylic paints or watercolours, remember not to use the same brush for all of them. Use one brush for watercolours and the other for colour gels, hybrids, etc.