Why do we value Indigo Mylar files?

Filing gel or acrylic nails can be compared to art. Nail stylists shape and shorten nails just like sculptors. Each move is important while prepping the nail plate, therefore this process should have a fixed scheme.

Indigo Mylar halfmoon files will speed up your work thanks to their revolutionary layer. After the first usage, you won't want to replace them with any other files. Indigo introduced two types of Mylar files. They differ with grit (100/100 or 100/180) and shape (straight or halfmoon).

The advantages of Mylar files

Paper nail files consist of two elements: the core (can be wooden, plastic, spongy etc) and proper paper that has various types of filings stuck to it. The abrasive grain is glued to the paper or ironed to the core. The selection of core will influence its flexibility and toughness, as it gives a range of manual and technical possibilities.

Proper selection of filings will have a great influence on the quality of your work and the file's lifespan. It's this material that will determine its strength.

The photo below presents the difference between 100/100-grit and 100/180-grit files:

mylar, pilniki mylar, najostrzejszy pilniczek, najlepsze pilniki, szklane pilniki

Our files are made of high-quality Japanese paper and Mylar layer, therefore their abrasion resistance is 10 times greater. Indigo Mylar can be washed with water and disinfected. What makes these files unique is the fact that they contain microcrystals which make them even sharper and at the same time- more durable.

We may sometimes preheat our clients' nail plates while filing. Not with Indigo Mylar! Despite their sharpness, Indigo Mylars are ideal while working with natural nails (Mylar half-moon 100/180) and we can easily file every little detail with them. Indigo Mylars file quickly, effectively and- what's important- there's no dust while shaping the nails. It's a great advantage for both Stylists and Clients.

Let's sum up the advantages of Indigo Mylars

  • sharp but don't destroy the nail plate
  • micro-crystals make them resistant to damage and high temperature
  • they don't dust while you use them
  • 10 times more resistant and durable
  • resistant to water and disinfectants
  • the ergonomic shape of the half-moon is helpful while touching cuticles 
  • convenient *they don't wear off
  • suitable for both natural and fake nails
  • they don't fall to pieces

As professional stylists, we need to remember that the quality of our tools will impact the final effect of our work and our client's satisfaction. We suggest you test one of our files and later order the desired amount.