Whitemin Base - discover the scientifically proven effects of Indigo white gel polish base

The effect of natural, subtly bleached nails and styling durability without any air bubbles. Discover the research results from the Specialized Research Laboratory Skin Lab INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o. and discover the unique power of Whitemin Base. Do you love the effect of natural, neat nails in a milky white shade? Are you looking for a way to perfect, lasting styling without any air bubbles? Reach for Whitemin Base,  with 96% of respondents agree how effective it is. The latest gel polish base Indigo, with its milky white shade, perfectly enhances the effect of neons and pastels and works fantastic as a base for salon nail art. And this is just the beginning of its unique properties. According to the report from the Skin Lab INTERNATIONAL Sp. z o.o. as much as 96% of respondents positively evaluate the effects of Whitemin.

A way for long, strong nails

Three weeks after styling, the respondents assessed the look, condition and length of the nails, as well as their resistance to mechanical damage. 9 out of 10 women observed the strengthening of the natural nail plate and confirmed that Whitemin helped them grow nails that do not split and are more resistant to mechanical damage.

Nail extension and build-up without air bubbles

What is very important for every nail stylist, is that Whitemin enables a gentle extension of the natural nail behind the tip and sculpting of the ideal C curve. The mani performed with Whitemin even after 3 weeks keeps an aesthetic look. Not surprisingly, 96% of respondents declared their willingness to re-use the extraordinary power of the Indigo white base. And you? Have you tried our Whitemin yet? Order today and discover all its advantages.