Wet Look - add shine to your styles with the Indigo shiny topcoat

Do you want to give your nails an incredible shine? Discover the unique properties of the Wet Look topcoat and enjoy the perfect finish of your gel and gel polish styles.

High-gloss - shiny topcoat for gel and gel polish

A shiny, long-lasting surface is one of the factors of a perfect nail style. Who doesn't like to see how the light reflects on the smooth surface of the nails? To get the effect of a perfectly shiny manicure, reach for the gel topcoat Wet Look, ideal for both gel and gel polish styles. The only thing you need to remember when reaching for Wet Look as a finishing topcoat for gel and gel polish styles are the nails strengthening and with a proper build-up.  Therefore, always use it in combination with one of our gel polish bases, e.g. Protein Base, Mineral Base or Whitemin Base.

PRO TIP: To ensure a long-lasting shine to your styles, wait about 60 seconds after curing the Wet Look coat. When the topcoat has cooled down, you can easily wipe off the dispersion layer.

Now you can also buy the Wet Look topcoat in a new 7 ml bottle, perfectly matching your gel polish collection.

Even more shine on nails - which topcoat for nail dust should you choose?

Are you wondering which topcoat to choose when creating designs using nail dust? Wet Look will work excellently as a protecting layer for your favourite mirror effects and dispersion nail dust. Its hard, durable surface will make the nail dust last longer and won't rub off, and you will enjoy the phenomenal glow of the fav Holo Effect or the iconic Mermaid for longer.

Perfectly smooth manicure

Your styles need smoothing? If you notice small bumps on your nails while doing them, Wet Look will help you deal with them perfectly. All thanks to the ideal, medium-thin consistency. All you have to do is apply a slightly thicker layer of topcoat in the right places. Just remember to extend the curing time to 60 seconds.

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