Valentine's Nails - ideas for a red manicure with the latest Indigo shades

Are you still looking for the one? Or maybe you’re bored and impatiently looking for our new products? Sex Appeal, Hrabia and Vampirella are three entirely new, phenomenal shades of red and burgundy, that will help you to create the perfect Valentine's manicure.

Red nails for Valentine's Day - write your own Valentine story with Indigo

Valentines Day is the best opportunity to search for the perfect shades of red. For the most demanding lovers of a red manicure, we have prepared three completely new faces of royal colour. Sex Appeal, Hrabia and Vampirella are three symbols of love and desire that each of us can add to our dream story. A sweet, romantic story, or maybe an incredible, passionate romance? It's up to you what script you write with Valentine's Indigo characters.

Nails in the most beautiful shades of love - the perfect Valentine's manicure

Among the latest Indigo shades, something for both classic lovers and amateurs of colourful madness who like to stand out from the crowd with neon accents. If you're looking for an idea for a unique Valentine's Day manicure, Indigo news is the best inspiration.

Sex Appeal

Walentynkowe nowości! Sex Appeal

Grace, style, charm and chic enclosed in an energetic, delicate neon red. The Sex Appeal shade is certainly one of the strongest female weapons.


Walentynkowe nowości! Vampirella

Seductively elegant or maybe a vamp woman? Vampirella is a bloody, timeless shade of red, which insidiously combines classic elegance with overwhelming charm. That’s why it's perfect for both classic Valentine's nail art and bold, predatory styles.


Walentynkowe nowości! Hrabia

Hrabia is a dignified, deep burgundy shade. It attracts with maturity and elegance. He seduces with confidence and knows perfectly how to make every woman feel special - whether it hides the soul of a romantic or a fiery temptress.

Do you know which one will be your Valentine?

Valentine's nail art - get inspired by Indigo

Let your imagination run wild and conjure up the most beautiful designs filled with love and romance. Look for ideas for Valentine's nails on our social profiles: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.