Valentine's Day at Indigo

Find your Valentine among the most beautiful shades of red and benefit from the Indigo Valentine offer.

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With red, just like with love - although its beauty seems obvious, it can delight with a thousand different shades. And we all have a different love story written, each one can fall in love with a different shade of crimson, scarlet or sweet raspberry.

Have you found your Valentine yet?

Discover the most beautiful shades of love and benefit from Indigo's Valentine offer. Only now you can order selected shades of red with 14% OFF. The offer is valid from 01-14.02.2020. Don't wait and get ready for Valentine's Day in your salon today. Romeo, Casanova or maybe Fireman? Each of your customers is a character of a different romance, so don't let your dream hero to be absent in your collection.

From classic, vibrant reds, through raspberry sweets, vivid burgundy, to crazy, red glittery - at Indigo, we know how to satisfy the most demanding lovers of red nails.

For the full offer of nail polishes covered by the Valentine's offer go >>HERE<<.

Can't make up your mind? Get inspired by the styles of Indigo Instructors and Designers.  For Valentine's Day ideas go to our social media profiles: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.