Ultra-feminine Lipstick 3.0 Collection already on sale!

Another edition of the cult collection of gel polishes, inspired by the hottest trends from the world of makeup is already available! Discover 5 predatory shades of femininity.

Lipstick 3.0 is another - after Lipstick and Lipstick Summer - Indigo collection, perfectly inscribed in current makeup fashion. This time we have prepared for you the most fashionable, extremely feminine shades of dark pink, purple and burgundy.

An ultra-feminine collection of Indigo gel polishes.

The third edition of the Lipstick project shows how great is the potential of each Indigo colours is. The centre of the collection is the iconic Lady Kung Fu, that inspired us to create other sensual and intriguing shades. Each of the shades, with their intensity and strong character, expresses an extraordinary feminine strength.

Oh Boy

Energetic, berry shade of purple with a burgundy accent, which is simply breathtaking. Oh boy!


Ultra-feminine, dark and predatory burgundy shade. Tempting like dry, red wine in which every connoisseur of female beauty will taste. It speeds up the heartbeat and effectively raises the blood pressure.


Gel polish with an intense burgundy shade with the addition of purple — a perfect alibi for an exciting romantic evening.

Lady Kung Fu

The rediscovered Indigo star, which became the inspiration for the creation of our new Lipstick collection. Intense, dark shade of pink with a berry note. Lady Kung Fu is a determined and confident temptress, which is not to be messed with.


Innocent and sensual at the same time - Pruderia is a real coquette. The most delicate of all shades of the Lipstick collection delights with temptingly combined girly pink with feisty purple.