Top 5 pedicure products - Check what pedicure products are must-haves in your salon

A beautiful, trendy pedicure is represented by not only a properly selected colour but above all carefully groomed and prepared feet. Every woman appreciates both the aesthetic value of the look and its durability, which is especially important during holiday trips. How to meet all the needs of customers and create a beautiful, long-lasting pedicure? Discover 5 products that will let you take care of each element of the perfect styling.

1. Pedix rubber bit for sanding bands - a way to smooth feet

Smooth feet is a dream of each of us and the basis of a beautiful pedicure. The Pedix Rubber Bit, equipped with a sanding band with the appropriate grit, will help you remove the callouses and smooth the skin.

2. Pedicure nippers - smooth and pleasant toenails shortening

Professional pedicure nippers are a must-have product in your salon. The universal tool for shortening the toenails is made of high-quality surgical steel, and thanks to the properly profiled handles, it fits perfectly in your hand and allows very precise movements. Indigo nippers are equipped with a durable spring, making work smooth and comfortable.

3. Pedicure Base - the perfect base dedicated to a pedicure

Everything you could expect from a gel polish pedicure base. Carefully developed formula and perfectly thin consistency of Pedicure Base, means you can create thin, natural and at the same time extremely durable looks. Perfect as a background for your favourite shades - both gel polish and classics - and as a foundation for a subtle French.

4. Protein nail polishes - classic pedicure in the most beautiful Indigo shades

An ideal proposition for fans of classic pedicure and those who quickly get bored and love colour changes - of course all in the trendiest Indigo shades. Among the classic Protein Nail Polishes, both lovers of red, vivid nails and lovers of subtle nudes will find something for themselves.

NEW IN! The collection of classic nail polishes with the addition of jojoba proteins has just expanded by two new shades - milky peach Prima Aprilis and intense raspberry Energizer.

5. Dry Up Nail Polish Drops - NEW IN!

Dry Up Nail Polish Drops is a new drier for classic nail polishes, that will shorten the time of a classic pedicure treatment and extend its durability. The unique formula of Dry Up Nail Polish Drops additionally nourishes and moisturizes the skin around the nails. All you need to do is to apply a drop of the product to the plate surface immediately after applying the classic nail polish or top coat and ... it's ready. Just remember to avoid touching the nails with the pipette and about applying the product from a great height - it could damage the look.

Order the Top 5 pedicure products today and take care of the beauty of your customer's feet. Check the gallery of our Designers' works and look for inspiration on our social profiles: Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest.