The most fashionable nails in 2019. What will they be? Indigo answers!

2019 in nail design – what will it be? What will it surprise us with? What can we expect? These questions were answered by experts of the Indigo brand. Read the guide to the most fashionable nails of the coming year!

Return to nature – shapes

After many months of spectacular decorations and fashion for pointed long nails, we go back to nature! Natural shapes return to grace: almonds and ovals will reign and instead of focusing all attention they will emphasize and create a complete look. Do you want to have the most fashionable nails in 2019? Return to nature!

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The end of extravagance

It's time to take a break from neon and flashy colours. The trends for 2019 say 'no' to extravagance. Subdued and elegant colours in completely new editions will be on top this year – new embodiments of colours such as turquoise or blue will take your breath away!

Finally, the boundary between nails that are ideal for work and those reserved for a crazy holiday will fade away. The uniqueness of colours will allow you to create a versatile manicure that will work well both in the office and on holiday.

You'll find out for yourself how subdued versions of bold colours will add elegance, charm and character to your look!

Decorations? Minimalist!

The most fashionable decorations in 2019 will complement the whole design. Elaborate ornaments, complex constructions, spatial decorations – they have to wait for their time! 2019 values minimalism and elegance – instead of complex decorations, it favours ascetic lines and simple geometric shapes. Contrary to the fears of fans of “brave nail designs”, such ascetic decorations look great and prove that “sometimes less means more”! See for yourselves!

See our gallery of inspirations and let us know if you are going to follow the trends this year