The Final of HEL TOGETHER WITH INDIGO campaign

Thanks to your involvement in the HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO campaign, we could donate PPE worth over 30 k. to infectious hospitals. The numbers speak for themselves - TOGETHER we can do more!

As part of the HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO campaign, we've decided to donate 15% of profits of your promotional orders to support infectious hospitals. Thanks to you, we were able to buy and donate PPE and other products of personal hygiene to fight coronavirus with a total value of £31,588.68.

Invaluable in times of a spreading pandemic, help went to the hospitals in Łódź and Łask. They want to say Thank you for our support:

  • Szpitale Powiatowe Sp. z o.o. Szpital in Łask,
  • Instytut Centrum Zdrowia Matki Polki in Łodz,
  • Wojewódzki Specjalistyczny Szpital im. dr. Wł. Biegańskiego in Łodz,
  • Uniwersytecki Szpital Kliniczny nr 1 im. N. Barlickiego Uniwersytetu Medycznego in Łodz.

Earlier, we also donated 100,000 pairs of disposable gloves to Łódź infectious facilities, sharing what we had direct access to. The HELP TOGETHER WITH INDIGO campaign was another gesture that we wanted to express our support and respect for doctors and medical workers fighting COVID-19. Thank you for joining with us!

We believe that what goes around comes around, and we wish you lots of health and patience in the coming months.