Take part in the Championship and become the Master of Pastel!

A new collection is always a good opportunity for a bit of fun. This spring, we are looking for a Master of Pastel - a real charmer of pastel designs. Grab your favourite colours from the new collection and take part in our Championship!

What can you win?

The main prize is the title of Master of Pastel and the only and unique trophy. Is that all? Of course not! The winning nail stylist will also be a special guest in one of the episodes on our YouTube channel, where we will present how to prepare a masterful styling step by step. The stylist who takes second place will receive a set of 20 randomly selected gel polishes, and for the remaining semi-finalists - sets of 3 selected gel polishes.

Okay, how to enter?

Master of Pastel must be a pastel manicure virtuoso, which is why the Championship is divided into three stages:

Stage I - qualifications

We start with entries. Create a design in which one of the new Master of Pastel collection colours will play the main role and show it in a photo on your Instagram with the dedicated hashtags. In the photo, in addition to the beautiful mani, there must also be a bottle with the gel polish used. We will choose designs with the next colours for four consecutive days:

  • Round 1: Design with Miss Muffin or Trele Morele. In the photo description, mark the profile @indigonails and add the hashtags #zostanmasterofpastel and depending on the colour used: #missmuffinmistrzstwa or #trelemorelemistrzstwa
  • Round 2: Design with Melonholic or Eggstra. In the photo description, mark the profile @indigonails and add the hashtags #zostanmasterofpastel and, depending on the colour used: #molonholicmistrzstwa or #eggstramistrzstwa
  • Round 3: Design with MarmoLady or Ice Dream. In the photo description, mark the profile @indigonails and add the hashtags #zostanmasterofpastel and depending on the colour used: #marmoladymistrzstwa or #icedreammistrzrzenia
  • Round 4: Design with Mr Pan Cake or Easter Twister. In the photo description, mark the profile @indigonails and add the hashtags #zostanmasterofpastel and depending on the colour used: #mrpancakemistrzstwa or #eastertwistermistrzstwa

Remember that you can use all Indigo products, but the Master of Pastel collection's colours must take the lead in your design. Each round will last two days, during which you must post a photo with the correct colour. In each round, 6 designs will be selected (3 of each colour), which will be published the next day by 12:00 PM. If your design will not be selected - nothing is lost. You can still try in subsequent rounds. Or, you can create two looks in one round, increasing your chances. The educators from the Headquarters will be responsible for selecting the best works!

What happens next? Let's find out!

Stage II - semi-final

Four stages of six works give us 24 people who will go to the semi-finals. What task will the nail stylists face at this stage?

Each of the semi-finalists will have to create a design inspired by the Head Office Educators' designs and then show it on Instagram. Marks and hashtags? Of course! The classic @indigonails profile as well as #zostanmasterofpastel and #masterofpastelpolfinal.

This time the best works will be selected by #indigogirls! On a specially designed website, the audience will vote by selecting two finalists. And while we're at the final ...

Stage III - the grand finale!

In the grand finale, we focus on creativity. The task will be to create and write a culinary recipe for the design themed "Variation with Master of Pastel" and then create it and publish it on Instagram with the hashtags #zostanmasterofpastel and #masterofpastelfinal, as well as the tag @indigonails.

#Indigogirls will be judges again, and they will select the best design of the Championships by voting, this time on Instagram. Who will win the Master of Pastel title? Whose salon will the trophy go to? Who will be the special guest in the episode on the Indigo YouTube channel? We will find out soon. You also can't wait?

Timetable? Here you are!

If you want to be up to date, we have prepared the Championship schedule. At the same time, we will inform you about the following stages on our Instagram, so if you're not following us yet - now is a great time to change it!

Stage I - qualifications (4/12 - 4/19)

  • Round 1: Miss Muffin and Trele Morele (12th April, 10:00 - 13th April, 23:59)
  • Round 2: Melonholic and Eggstra (14th April 10:00 - 15th April 23:59)
  • Round 3: MarmoLady and Ice Dream (16th April 10:00 - 17th April 23:59)
  • Round 4: Mr Pan Cake and the Easter Twister (18th April 10:00 - 19th April 23:59)

Stage II - semi-final (21st April, 10:00 - 23rd April, 12:00)

Semi-final public voting (24th April 10:00 - 25th April 23:59)

Stage III - final (26th April, 10:00 - 28th April, 12:00)

Final audience voting (29th April, 10:00 - 30th April, 10:00)