Strengthen nails with Protein Base

Do you dream about long, strong nails? The problem of weakened, brittle nail plate keeps you awake at night? Reach for Protein Base - a specialist for special tasks - and grow the nails you've always dreamed of.

Long natural nails are a dream for many of us. They are a symbol of femininity and health. They add elegance and optically slim our hands. The exceptional power of Protein Base can make those dream come true.

Indigo Protein Base - the best scaffold for your nails

Like any light-cured product, Protein creates a "scaffolding" for our nails. So, what makes it stand out from other bases? The revolutionary Protein Base formula has been developed in such a way that its structure - in terms of flexibility and hardness - reproduces the structure of the natural nail plate as faithfully as possible.

How to strengthen natural nails - learn the secret of Protein Base

The phenomenon of Protein Base is that its composition works for most women. The base is hard enough to be able to maintain gel polish styling and create a protective layer for the natural nail, protecting against external factors. At the same time, it keeps the flexibility that avoids cracks and air bubbles.

In practice, this means that the Protein is a durable and resistant to mechanical damage and places an "armour" under which your nails can safely grow and become stronger. Not surprisingly, as many as 4 out of 5 women surveyed confirm that Protein Base is better than other such bases *. After all, it's Protein Base which allows them to fulfil their dreams of long, strong nails.

* Based on the research from the accredited research laboratory J.S. Hamilton.