Sex In The City - new, autumn colour palette!

New, autumn collections by Indigo will make you gasp with bewilderment. Though everyone was expecting the parade of autumn colours, the effect of this collection will be a huge surprise. Why? See for yourself. We are delighted to introduce one of the autumn collections - let's have a round of applause for the Sex In The City collection signed by Sara Borux-Mannei.

Sex In The City Sara Boruc-Mannei

Sex In The City collection includes 10 colours that signify timeless classics and the power of the female character. It's a colour archetype of girl from a big city who is well aware of her worth and doesn't need flashy accessories to draw attention. She does it with her personality, confidence and knowledge. The colours express her fearlessness and highlight her magnetic sex appeal.

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The ambassador of the collection is once again Sara Boruc-Mannei, who fights the footballers wife stereotype every single day and works to make her own name. She is not afraid to speak her mind and express her own unique style. She is herself. Some people love her for it… others do not share either her vision or enthusiasm.  Meanwhile, she pursues her goals such as music career and the premiere of her album. She is not afraid of challenges. Her life is a catwalk upon which she walks with confidence and arouses respect and admiration of others. If this sounds familiar, then you must see how we expressed these feelings with colours. 

  • The Sex In The City collection is ambiguous and muted at the same time. Very unique and very my style. There are a few polishes with a defined green tone such as cult khaki, timeless reds but also delicate heather. In my opinion, all of those will work great with autumn outfits. - says Sara Boruc-Mannei, the ambassador of the collection. 

Indigo is not afraid of innovative solutions or risk, but it can also appreciate the power of classics: - We create new but also take into the account the potential of the past solutions created by fashionistas - adds Magda Malaczyńska the owner of the Indigo brand - such cult classics like red lipstick, leather motorcycle jackets and a little black dress will always work. We want to create timeless collections, not seasonal ones - adds.

Some of the colours in the palette might be a surprise for clients since not all of them have a "timeless" status, but Indigo ensures that every colour had its premiere. The premiere of the Sex In City takes place right about

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