Protein Base – new life for your nails.

Hybrid base with proteins is a revolution for natural nails. It allows to build a C shape and slightly lengthen the free edge of the nail. Nails become stronger and less prone to breakages. What else do you need?  
The new Protein Base is the answer to all women who aren't so keen on traditional UV gel or acrylic techniques. Most of them fear their nail plate will end up damaged so prefer a hybrid manicure.  Indigo Nails developed a new formula which will remove all their fears and demands.

How do you put Protein Base on?

Like any other base! To build up the nail plate the first layer should be thinner. After curing it in a lamp, we put on a second coat, which builds the C-curve. 
Katarzyna Kaczmarek once again visited us at Indigo Headquarters in Łódź to show us her step by step process on putting Protein Base on a natural nail plate and how to lengthen nails using this product.