Perfect holographic manicure - Holo Manix

Get charmed by a new hypnotic dust. The brand new from Indigo - Holo Manix!

It's an extraordinary dust, which will change your nail plate into a perfectly smooth holographic surface.

Thanks to a very fine, powdery consistency Holo Manix is like diamond dust which spreads into a homogenous layer without any lumps. It creates a hypnotic design with a 3D rainbow shine.

Elevate your manicure to a new dimension

How to apply: Holo Manix should be applied the same way as Metal Manix® Multi Chrome – on a cured product without a dispersive layer like Dry Top or Arte Brillante. Dust needs to be rubbed onto the nail plate precisely with an applicator and protected with a top coat like Wet Look. Manicure made with this method should look perfect for weeks.

Product available for purchase soon. Premier in September at the Warsaw cosmetic fairs.