Get ready for the season and the bare toes - all about pedicure

Winter is a difficult time for pedicure fans. In the case of hands, it's enough to take off the gloves to show off the new mani. With feet, the situation is entirely different. Luckily, the cold season is slowly coming to an end, and warm and even hot days are getting closer. And this is great news for all enthusiasts of beautiful toenails! Check what is your must-have to create a pedicure that will delight you at every step.

For starters - smooth feet

A pedicure is not only about taking care of nails - it's about looking at the feet as a whole. To look beautiful, it's worth making sure that they are smooth and free from calloused skin. To achieve this effect, you can use an e-file and Pedix sanding band. It's enough to choose the gradation of the cap to the client's skin (the harder the skin, the lower the gradation) to get rid of both hard, dry skin and burrs invisible to the naked eye in a few moments. Working with a large cap on small fingers can turn out to be quite a challenge, from which you can get out with an unscathed hand. Here, sanding bands for mandrels will come in handy - they are smaller than caps, and the shape of the cylinder will be comfortable and easy to work, even in more demanding places.

Pedicure? Only with short nails!


Someone might say that manicures and pedicures are the same. Nothing could be more wrong! Long nails, often desirable for hands, on the feet are a sign of neglect. Therefore, it's worth taking a moment to ensure that they're properly trimmed. In this case, it's good to use nippers with a properly contoured handle, which will help to shorten even the thickest toenails precisely.

The pedicure nippers with a clasp from Indigo are made of hard, stainless steel that can be sterilised in an autoclave, and their blades are not profiled - the toenails should be cut straight to avoid ingrowths. How to file them off? A thin laser file will work great here, and it will fit even into the tight spaces between the skin and the nail plate.

Painting - is what we like most!

When the nails are prepared, you can start painting. We will start classically - with the base, but not just any base. The toenail base should be flexible, work well with the nail plate and stick to it tightly. This is what Pedicure Base is about, created especially for styling toenails.


It is a product with the perfect consistency for painting thin layers. Why is it so important? A thick layer of the base will make the nails no longer slender, making them look bad. A pedicure Base is a way to be natural while look maintaining the nails durability.

A well-cured base opens the subject of the most important decision of any pedicure, i.e. the colour of the nails. There are many options! You can choose intense red or other vivid colours or opt for classic French. In the case of a pedicure, it's worth giving up rich decorations - this is another difference compared to nail styling, where decorations sometimes become small works of art. It's definitely worth sticking to minimalism on the feet.

Both gel polish and classic protein nail polishes can be applied on Pedicure Base. The nail polish is a great option for those who like to change colour frequently and surprise with something new every now and then. Thanks to the base, the pedicure will be more durable and will stand the test of time better.

Foot Lover - the last step to beautiful feet


How to finish the pedicure treatment? Preferably with something pleasant! Foot Lover is a perfect solution for this task - a foot cream with rich composition and caring properties. It is worth using it not only in a beauty salon but also as daily foot care. Just like your hair or hands, you should also take care of your feet regularly (preferably every day) to keep them beautiful, moisturised and attractive.

Foot Lover perfectly nourishes and gives the skin elasticity, positively affects its appearance and condition, and prevents cracking. The cream is very efficient thanks to its consistency, and thanks to the pleasant Seventh Heaven fragrance, daily care will become a long-awaited ritual. All this at a new, lower price - just 19 pln.

Do you want to know more about a pedicure? Watch our video in which we show you step by step how to prepare it: